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Monday, January 18, 2010

"Somewhere in the Distance"

I just recently finished reading an excellent book by author David Soulsby, "Somewhere in the Distance."   I want to invite everybody who grew up during the 60s decade or those just interested in that amazing era to read this novel.

It is set in Great Britain during the last two years of the decade. The story involves four friends with their own ideals and views of the sixties. Throughout the book earlier years of the decade are recalled through flashbacks which is woven together with actual sixites events such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby,  the assassination of Martin Luther King, the Vietnam War and of course the music of the era.

These four friends love for rock 'n roll and their discussions of the best music ever produced is detailed throughout the setting of the time.  Their human emotions,  such as sadness, humor and heartbreak makes this book delightful and highly recommened. 

Although a fictional book with actual events surrounding the story, my question is which one of these characters is David, the author?  I have my suspicion.

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