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Monday, October 04, 2010

October 1961, Do You Remember The Times, The Music?

The month and year is October 1961.  As a baby boomer can you recall the headlines, the times, and of course the music of that month?

I remember watching Roger Maris on a black and white TV hitting his 61st home run of the season against pitcher Tracy Stallard of the Boston Red Sox on October 1st.  If you recall Roger Maris was cussed, his life  and his family's life threatened as he approached the milestone of breaking Babe Ruth's record.  Mickey Mantle was the love the fans and Maris suffered the entire season  as he approached breaking the record.  The number one song on The Billboard Hot 100 on that day was Bobby Vee's "Take Good Care of My Baby." 

Also one of the funniest TV Shows of that era began its debut on CBS on October 3, "The Dick Van Dyke Show." 

On October 6, 1961 President John F. Kennedy recommended all families  purchase or build a bomb shelter in case of a nuclear exchange between the Soviet Union and the U.S.  It was a very scary time we lived in then.  I was 12 and probably more interested in playing baseball, football and hanging out with my friends then to understand what was really going on besides I couldn't do anything about it.  To my friends and me,  it was a great time to be alive and we were so unaware of what was going on in the world as most kids of that age is today. 

And the joke of the year (Who is buried in Lenin's Tomb?) ended as Joseph Stalin's body was removed from Lenin's tomb where it was on public display on October 31. 

Why do I bring up October 1961 and the headlines and news of the month and year?  Every month The 60s Official Site looks back at the current month and a year of the 60s decade on The Soundtrack of the 60s, featuring DJ Neal Stevens where he spins the songs from the Billboard Charts of that month and gives you the insight scoop on the songs, headlines and more.  Join in on the fun each month as he spins the great songs of the era and takes your requests and dedications.

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  • At 4:37 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

    Just learning to find my way around here. You've put together an awesome time capsule for the sixties. I know it wasn't Oct 1961,
    but on Oct 13 1960 Bill Mazaroski hit a home run to win the World Series for the Pittsburg Pirates over the NY Yankees. I remember the date because it was also the day my baby sister was born. She turned the dreaded 5-0 yesterday.
    Happy Birthday Baby Sister, Thanks for creting this wonderful site.


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