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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well Summer Is Unofficially Over

Well baby boomers summer has unofficially ended after Labor Day weekend.

I host a Labor Day Weekend Pool Party at my home every year and it is kind of sad because really summer activities kind of cease after that. Of course here in Texas it is still hot and I still climb in the pool, mow my lawn till November, and barbecue. As you know summer officially ends September 21st.

Summer months were always what we looked forward to when we were young and attending high school or college. We just couldn't wait for that dismissal on the last day of school. It was the time to spend in the sun with your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend; go to the beach, pool, drive-in movies and so much more like listening to the radio outside on a blanket by the lake, or cruising down Main Street with the radio or tape player blaring the greatest music ever recorded, The 60s.

Looking back at summers past, I recall the great summer songs. When I hear them either on my radio or from a CD I play, my mind wonders back to the summers past when things were just easy, lazy and fun. Thinking back I remember just sitting under a tree on a hot day just chatting and scheming with my friends on what we will do that evening as far as fun and mischief, as we swatted the gnats away from our face. (The gnats didn't seem to bother us much when we were young. I guess as you get older, you learn to tolerate less)

Looking back to Labor Day weekend 1965 as I was to start my senior year on Tuesday after Labor Day which was September 6, the top 10 songs were: [10] The In Crowd by Ramsey Lewis Trio [9] It Ain't Me Babe by the Turtles [8] Papa's Got a Brand New Bag by James Brown [7] I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher [6] Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers [5] California Girls by The Beach Boys [4] You Were On My Mind by We Five [3] Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire [2] Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan and the number one song this week before heading back to school was Help! by the Beatles.

The point of this countdown was to show you that there was no summer theme songs in 1965 on Labor Day weekend. I picked that Labor Day by random and my suspicions were true. No summer theme songs because after Labor Day summer was over. All we can do now as baby boomers is reflect back to these fun summers we had when we were so young and (not so innocent?)

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Come back to the memories of the 60s.

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