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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

My Review of the Book "The Isla Vista Crucible"

Approximately a week ago I finished reading "The Isla Vista Crucible" by author Reilly Ridgell.  The book's backdrop takes place during the school year 1969-1970 in Isla Vista, the student community next to the University of California.  It follows the lives of three college students during that time.

What I found interesting about this  book was its accurate portrayal of that tumultuous period of the baby boomer era which included the Vietnam War , rock 'n roll music, race relations, and student political activism. Mr Ridgell manages to keep the reader riveted to each page as he tells the story and background of each character and their involvement in the student community of Isla Vista.

Each chapter opens up with a new month of that time and what music albums were popular then which  I found  entertaining and reminiscence of the popular music of the time.  Mr Ridgell even  had the musical tracks correct as he weaves the music into the story line.  I have many of these LPs so I know he was right on.

This book does have detailed casual drug use which many of you may find offensive but it does not take away the content of a great read but only adds a reminder of the times.  I highly recommend you read this book.  You know I have never led my followers of The 60s Official Site wrong.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.  For your convenience here is the link:

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