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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Recalling November 1966

I had just graduated from high school in June and still not sure what path to take.  I was torn between college, working and the military but in November 1966 I made a road trip to a Kansas college with a friend who wanted to see his girlfriend whom I had graduated with.  I did not seek permission from home and my parents reported me missing after a couple of days.

My friend and I stayed in the dorm room of one student we met while there.  I immediately got a taste of college life without attending a class at that time of my life.  I do recall waiting outside a building for my friend's girlfriend to come out and an attractive girl came by and kissed me passionately and said "Hello Adam, awww, you are not Adam." Shockingly but with a smile I could only say "I can be." 

At any rate we made it home through a snow storm with the Ohio Highway Patrol looking for us.  On the way home Big Bear Supermarkets called my home and wanted me to start work the next day. Which I  began my job a couple of days late as the frozen foods manager.  I left JC Penneys for Big Bear Supermarkets for more money.  Less than a year later I will be in Vietnam.

November 1966 events were going all around me without notice but I do remember that actor Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California and the big news was  Edward Brooks of Massachusetts becoming the first African-American elected to the Senate since Reconstruction.  Being from Ohio the re-trial of the Sam Sheppard case was the big news.  He was acquitted this time around.  It was also the basis for TV series of "The Fugitive."  Similarity was the fact Sam Sheppard's wife, Marilyn had been murdered and he had been convicted the first time in 1954.  The second time around he was defended by F. Lee Bailey.

Music was great that month as was the entire year of 1966.   Great songs like 96 Tears by ? & The Mysterians, Poor Side of Town with Johnny Rivers, Jimmy Ruffin's What Becomes of the Brokenhearted and Reach Out I'll Be There by The Four Tops just to name a few.

This month on Soundtrack of the 60s on The 60s Official Site, DJ Neal Stevens plays the songs we listened to in November 1966.  A great year and a great month of memories.

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