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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One Groovy Summer

Fun during the summer of 1968 is the theme of the latest book I just finished. "One Groovy Summer" is about two young men looking and finding fun that leads to adventure during the summer of 1968.  I found the book by Rocky Gregory enchanting and and full of many of my memories of summer, especially in 1968.  The story follows two high school friends after high school with concerns of the draft, Vietnam War, and their college plans once summer ends. 

Their adventure results in meeting hippies during this Hippie Movement period of time and other characters that make this book well worth reading.  The onslaught of the Sexual Revolution was just beginning and the music of the sixties was making its bend towards a more psychedelic sound .

It begins and ends as a groovy adventure which I think all baby boomers would love to read so grab the book and start groovin'.

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  • At 10:43 PM, Blogger lotusgreen said…

    Hi -- I just discovered your "Silly Songs of the 50s 60s" page and it was really well done, and exactly what I was looking for. So thanks!! It was "The Flying Saucer" that I remembered, and others like that, but I could barely think of how to describe them. But Google I did, and there you were. Now I'll go read more!


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