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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Old Fashion Family Christmas Gathering

Yesterday was a great day and a reminder of Christmases of the past. All you baby boomers know of the the kind I am referring to. Christmas where the family gets together for a decorating party which gets one another in the Christmas spirit.

Actually it wasn't a planned event but occurred when my oldest grandson suggested to his dad, my son, that they should come over to our house and decorate the Christmas tree and put up the lights outside since his grandmother is on crutches after a recent surgery. My grandson knows I am not into the decorating Christmas trees scene. I do help with the lights, though.

My daughter and my granddaughter dropped in as well so we had everybody together. The only person missing was my other daughter who lives in Phoenix. What put the icing on the cake (with no pun intended) was it was also my wife's birthday so it was a pleasant surprise and a very nice day for her. With the Christmas music playing and the laughter and fun, it was a reminder of Christmases of the past when I was young and when my children were young. Also of the Christmases we had when my children were in elementary school. As all children of baby boomers grow older and have their own families, it seems we older generation are forgotten and not because we are not loved but because they have their own families and priorities now. My wife and I have the same fault in regards to her mother who lives in Florida. Since my father-in-law's death in 1992, she has lived alone there but it is her choice to spend Christmas there.

On the phone just early yesterday morning, my wife's mother said how much she wanted to have the entire family together including her two daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren for Christmas. My mother-in-law is 82 and she keeps saying she doesn't have too many more Christmases left. I know this gathering won't happen this year but I sure would like to make it happen for her next Christmas. I believe nobody should be alone for Christmas. I have tried to get her to come here but she won't leave the warmth of Florida for the moderate weather of Texas which really isn't too bad for this time of year.

I pray that we can make it happen. Please don't forget our older family members this Christmas and if you have an older generation neighbor please visit them this holiday season because they may not have anybody.

On the subject of traditions; our tradition for Christmas is a Christmas Eve dinner after church with our family and then exchange one gift. On Christmas Day we have the traditional Christmas dinner with the family and more gift exchanges. Although Christmas is not about gifts, it is just one thing added to a holiday which is my most loved and I am sure that of most children. I still enjoy watching the gleam in the eyes of the little ones on Christmas morning. Walking through mall my eyes wander through the crowds watching the smiles and the excitement of the little ones. It so much reminds me of when my kids were small and of the excitement that I once experienced so many years ago.

This tradition I just described as now gone by the wayside. None of the family seems interested in doing them any longer. The Christmas Eve dinner disappeared and now the family Christmas dinner happens occasionally. I guess this baby boomer is getting too old to continue to make more memories of the this beloved season for his children.

Merry Christmas!

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