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Monday, June 06, 2011

The Month is June 1964

School is out and as far as I was concerned summer had already started.  I had just finished my sophmore year of high school and summer vacation was here.  Baseball, foil ball, wiffle ball, pool time and hanging out with friends were going to lead to a great summer.

How was I to know that the month of June 1964, my favorite radio stations of WCOL of Columbus and WHK of Cleveland would be playing some of the best music of the year?  The month  kicked off on June 1st when The Rolling Stones arrived in the U.S. for their first American tour.  I remember them appearing on Hollywood Palace on June 13 which for that show was hosted by Dean Martin, and my mother saying how unkempt and diry looking the Stones were.  They still sounded great to me.  Also during the month of June the Beatles released their LP "A Hard Day's Night."  A great summer indeed!

The Senate passed the Civil Rights Bill on June 20, 1964 and later that month Jan & Dean released one of my favorites "Little Old Lady from Pasadena".  

Watching American Bandstand continued throughout the summer and on June 6th, Brenda Holloway performed "Every Little Bit Hurts."    I didn't have my driver's license because I was only 15 and only one friend had his so all us cruised in his 1950 Chevy.  Memories galore duirng June 1964.

Neal Stevens of Soundtrack of the 60s for the month of June is playing those great songs of June 1964. 

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