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Saturday, March 03, 2007

I received an email a couple of days ago asking me if this person could use a few pages of my 60s website to write a book. He was primarily interested in my 1960s movie page and the information and images I have on drive-in movies.

Bob is writing an book about he and his buddies adventures during the 1960s. I would be very interested in reading his book when he completes it. He is doing exactly what I have wanted to do for some time and that is to write a book on my growing up during the 1960s era which included a tour of duty in Vietnam but more importantly the adventures and innocent mischief my friends and I had during this era.

I know many of you have seen the movies American Grafitti and More American Grafitti which of course was released during the mid 70s but dipicted the 1960s growing up of several characters. I guess after seeing those movies I have always wanted to write my memoirs. I have never gotten around doing it and at this late stage, probably won't so I envy Bob for doing what I have always wanted to do.

My buddies and my exploits could probably fill a book plus a follow-up. Of course all our actions never resulted in violence (maybe a few fights now and then) but always we remained friends.

It seems like the friends we have today are really not as tight as the friends we had when we were kids.

I made a visit to my home town to a funeral last year and ran into some of my childhood friends and all we did was reflect on our youth and the fun we had then. Do you think perhaps most of us our youth? I hadn't seen many of these people in over 25 years. No contact what so ever but they are constantly in my thoughts and as I am sure in theirs. We seem like we never have the time to pick up the phone and make a call to those that meant so much to us when we were young. These friends had a major impact on who we are today.

I guess that is why I built my 60s website. It is just a way to escape the hoopla of the times we live in today. Nothing wrong with that as long as you don't get lost in the 1960s. Getting lost in the 1960s can't be all that bad can it?

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