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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Al Sussman Transports Us Back to the 101 Days That Shaped a Generation

I highly recommend "Changin' Times" by Al Sussman  for all you sixties buffs and baby boomers.  The author takes a look at 101 days that shaped our generation.  

On November 22, 1963 we grieved the loss of our young president as the Beatles were preparing the release of their second LP in England. These 101 days (November 22, 1963 - March 1, 1964) had their impact on the entire world.

I know most everybody can remember where they were when they received the news John F. Kennedy has been assassinated.  The nation was grieving  and in shock and remained so throughout the holiday season. What continued to happen during the next 100 days following the death of our president shaped a nation and generation.

Read this historical book on how these 101 days not only affected our entire generation but the world as well. Beginning with the assassination of  JFK through the Beatle Invasion.  What pulled us up and made us to look at our TV in a different way? 

Al Sussman looks at all events during the 101 days and leaves no stone overturned.  Indeed "the times are a changin.."  Enjoy this look back as Al Sussman masterly weaves the events in those 101 days.

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