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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What To Do with Those Out of Print Vinyl Records?

If any of you have visited my website, The 60s Official Site, then you know I am an avid collector of 50s and 60s music and other memorabilia from that era. I am always looking for 45 records, LPs and so forth that are out of print. Many of these are classics that have not and may never be available in digital format (CDs) Many of these gems are classics and deserved to be released but many won't.

Just recently Parkway released Chubby Checker's classics, The Tymes, ? (Question Mark) & the Mysterians 96 Tears, the Orlons and so many more after years of just ignoring fans cry for their release. All that was available before then was re-records which never matched the originals. Yes, Parkway would not even re-release the original recordings on re-issued 45s.

I am always looking on the Internet and at flea markets for these out of print records.

What do I do to preserve these records? I definitely keep them dust free and in an environment to keep them dry and warp free but first I make a digital recording of them. With the right equipment you can make an outstanding copy of the record minus the pops and cracks that are evident on vinyl records.

I use a special piece of equipment that attaches directly to my computer with software included to eliminate the pops and cracks on the record.

In 1966 the Cascades came out with a recording written by Bob Lind called "Cheryl's Going Home." This recording will never be found on any Cascades' CD who are better known for the song "Rhythm of the Rain." I mention this because I have been searching for this song for a number of years and found it just last year on the Internet for a decent price. I now have added it to my collection in a digital format to preserve the quality of the song. Listen to it here. Keep in mind this is a mono song. I has never been recorded in stereo. As you listen to it remember this is from a 45. This song never made the Top 100 on the Billboard Charts but my small radio station in Columbus, Ohio we listened to from Circleville, Ohio, 1230 WCOL AM, played this song and I have always remembered it. Even Sonny & Cher performed it on their TV show and it appeared on one of their LPs which is out of print.

I was going to pass the link to this piece of equipment to you, which you can purchase but just found out that it is out of stock and not available at this moment. If interested in finding this equipment or if you have a particular song you can't find in digital format, let me know and I will help you.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

My friend Stone Evans has been nominated for the 2006 - 2007"Online Marketer Of The Year" award.

Check it out here:

You'll have a chance to login to Stone's personal computerand watch him compete against the top marketers in the world including:Dan Kennedy, Joe Sugarman, Robert Allen, Mark Joyner, Yanik Silver, Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren, Nick Marks, GaryAmbrose, Alex Mandossian, Anik Singal, Armand Morin, BillGlazer, Bill Harris, Brad Antin, Brad Fallon, Carl Galletti, Dan Van Orman, Dave Lakhani, David Frey, David Garfinkel, Donna Fox, Eric Holmlund, Gauher Chaudhry, Harris Fellman, Jeff Johnson, Jill Lublin, Joel Comm, Joshua Shafran, Keith Baxter, Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, Liz Roberts, Lynn Pierce, Marc Harty, Matt Bacak, Michel Fortin, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, Perry Marshall, Rhea Perry, Ray Edwards, Rick Raddatz, Ryan Deiss, Shawn Casey, Stephen Pierce, Stu McLaren, Tellman Knudson, John Carlton, Frank Rumbauskas and Russell Brunson.You will have a chance to watch all of these legendary marketers LIVE and vote on who gives the best content.Because they are very competitive people and want to win this competition - they aren't going to hold ANYTHING back.

To register for this FREE webinar series, please enter your name and email address in the form on the right on this page: and you will be given a free ticket to this webinar series.It's like the "American Idol" for Internet marketers...Enjoy the competition! :-)


Carl Hoffman

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Where Were You on October 11, 1964?

Have you ever heard a song and made you think back to something that may have happened during your life when that song was playing? I have and still do.

Maybe your first date with that special somebody? What song makes your reflect back to then? Your prom date? Who was it with and what song was popular then? Your wedding day? (or now a days maybe wedding days) Birthday or somebody else birthday. What was the popular song then?

I know that on October 11, 1964 I was riding in a car with three buddies of mine on a rainy night down Highway 188 just outside of Lancaster, Ohio. Of course the driver was going way too fast for even for dry road, alone a wet one, when we hit a curve in the road and did a 360 in the middle of the road and hit the ditch and the back end of the car smashed into a telephone pole. Luckily nobody was hurt and the car was drivable. But as the car was spinning around, which seemed like an eternity, I saw my whole life pass in front of me. The entire 16 years of my life playing like an old re-run movie on TV. Has this ever happened to you?

Of course like everybody else, when you cruise you always had the radio blaring. The song that was playing at that particular time was Last Kiss by J. Frank Wilson. A morbid song for what had just occurred. From that day on when I hear that song I remember that incident like it was yesterday. You might say it became known as my unlucky song.

Whenever that song ever played again we would either switch radio stations or turn it off. I certainly don't feel the same about the song today but nonetheless my mind wanders back to October 11, 1964.

That gave me the idea to add something new to my website. What were the top ten songs on a particular date in the 1960s. Do you have a special day you want to check out? Visit this link and have fun.

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