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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Stepping Back to April 1962

April 1962.  Do your remember the year or even better the month and year.  I was a freshman in the 8th grade in Circleville, Ohio.  I don't recall my homeroom teacher but I do recall some of the teachers that inpired me during the year.  My favorite subject was History, (no surprise for anybody who knows me) with Mr. Dole at the reins.  I recall he was an expert on The Civil War and I also remember him drawing the campaigns of the Union and Conferedate forces on the blackboard explaining the battle in detail.  It's funny of all the things in one's memory bank you recall something like that.

My math teacher was Mrs. Davis and she really made it easy although math came pretty easy for me anyways.  When Mrs. Davis passed away a few years ago,her estate consisted of all the high school yearbooks from the time she had been teaching.  Mrs. Davis was wonderful teacher who loved her students.

The 8th grade was a time for me to notice the girls more.  They began wearing makeup, nylons and perfume.  Well maybe I just began noticing it all at that time of my life.

In April 1962 we were gearing up for baseball.  Our hero was Mickey Mantle who hit his  375th career homerun.. The New York Mets was the expansion team that year and of course lost their first game.  When the season ended they had won only 40 games. Being from Ohio,  my personal teams of choice were the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians.
The music of April 1962 looked like this.  The number one songs of the month consisted of Bruce Channel's Hey Baby, Shelley Fabares Johnny Angel and of course Elvis singing Good Luck Charm. The month of April 1962 had several cross over country hits as well including PT 109 by Jimmy Dean, Patsy Cline's hit She's Got You and several more.  It not only was a memoral month for music but a wonderful beginning as I edged closer to beginning a new adventure in high school.

I recommend you take the time and listen to Soundtrack of the Sixties on The 60s Official Site. as DJ Neal Stevens spins the songs from April 1962.

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