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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Recommended Reading: "Tamper"

I just read a book by Bill Ectric  titled "Tamper."  This novel is a little different then those I have read previously but I know you will enjoy it.

The main character is very obsessed with the paranormal research including strange noises coming from the basement of his home where he lives with his parents. He begins drug use and seeing a psychiatrist during the 1970s  and later with his friends decides to search for a mystery writer as the mystery continues to grow.  Is he insane or is it real?

The ending to the story is not what you expect but I won't "Tamper" with that.  Check out Bill Ectric's novel "Tamper."

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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Highly Recommened Reading "Hullabaloo! The Life and (MIs) Adventures of LA Rock Legend Dave Hull

I received a book from the Dave Hull folks to read and review titled "Hullaballoo! The Legend and (Mis) Adventures of LA Rock Legend Dave Hull." If you are not from the west coast then you may not know this guy but I recall him at WTVN Columbus, Ohio, me being from Circleville.  I listened to WTVN and WCOL.

When the book arrived and I opened it, I was shocked the size of the book being over 500 pages but the book delivered and I enjoyed every word, every photo and especially the nostalgia that Dave brought back to life for me. Dave Hull writes as if he is speaking  to you in a conversation. I literally could not put the book down.  The Fifth Beatle, Dave Hull, surely was in a class of his own.  His stories of mischiefs and stunts while DJ at some of the top radio stations in the nation were humorous.   Where are those cool jocks today?  If you enjoyed AM radio and times and the 60s and a little beyond you will enjoy getting into this time machine as David Hull pilots us back to those great days of radio.

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